BG5™ Career Design Consultation


It is an in-depth analysis of your individual skills, strengths and weaknesses, and how you can best take advantage of these areas. It details how you’re best designed to offer your unique skills to the marketplace and make the most of your ability to be successful.


BG5® Career Design Analysis contains clarification of the 16 success codes:


  1. Career Type. What is the easiest and most natural way to utilize your energy?
  2. Personal Interaction. How do you best interact with others, with the opportunities?
  3. Decision-Making Strategy. How do you best make decisions?
  4. Key Indicators. Important signposts to keep you on track.
  5. Assimilation. How do you learn, process and integrate information?
  6. Environment Style. What work setting do you operate in best – Solo, Partnership, Groups?
  7. Defined Functions. Which functions define your consistent and reliable personal energy?
  8. Shadows/Distractions. Where are you taken off track?
  9. Public Role. Your authentic character you are designed to contribute?
  10. Life Work. What is the overall theme of your purpose in life?
  11. Your Target Market (Audience). Who are you here to serve/help and where you find fulfillment?
  12. Strengths and Contributions. What are the gifts, talents that you bring to the world?
  13. Traits and Qualities. What are the specific nuances of your design?
  14. Business Skills. What skills do you bring to the table in a small group
  15. Business Attributes. What are the specific nuances of these Business Skills
  16. Large Business Strengths. How do you best work in a large group?



There are 3 options available for individual BG5 Career Design analysis and consultations:

Overview (1-6 Success Codes) – price 130eur, duration  ~1.5 hours.
Analysis (1-12 Success Codes) – price 300eur, duration  ~2 hours.
Full Analysis (1-16 Success Codes) – price 350eur, duration  ~2.5-3 hours.

Each consultation includes:

• Presentation (pdf) of the critical information covered in your session
• In-person in Vilnius or virtual sessions via Zoom
• Session recording (mp4) that you might want to review to gain additional insights over time
All that you need to bring with you is your awareness and the desire to know yourself better.

* Important!

* does not specify the exact profession. The information provided helps you to recognize where and how you can best function in the business world.
* requires reliable birth data. Your personal identifiable data are gathered, used and protected according to Privacy Policy