Resume Summary

Resume or WHO I AM introduction description.

How many times have you searched for the perfect Resume (CV) template?

How many times have you looked online for suggestions on how to describe yourself, how to present your profile?

Most of us have probably used the personal characteristics suggested in the CV templates “communicative, quick to adapt, diligent, attentive, proactive, I know how to work both in a team and individually” and similar. But what if you’re not diligent and detail-oriented at all, but instead you are destined to employ your gift of social communication in organizing people? What if you are not proactive and are more suited to waiting for a task assignment or invitation? Then those who believed in you are disappointed, and you yourself are disappointed in your work, because you are trying to artificially develop what you are doing (what you are not).

You may have tried to embellish your introduction to meet the requirements of the Job Offer. Do you then feel good when your natural potential, what comes naturally to you, goes unnoticed and untapped?

With the help of the BG5® tool, it is possible to prepare a description of your (and only your) Personal and Career profile, emphasizing where you are naturally strongest, covering your career type, information assimilation way, environmental style, work/job roles in groups/companies, main life/work theme.

And when your description matches what you transmit energetically during the interview, then there is an alignment and trust between what you write in your Resume and who you are.


The description consists of ~100-200 words.

The price is 120 eur.



* Important!

Resume description…
* can be prepared optionally – in Lithuanian or English;
* comes in pdf and word format so you can make changes if needed;
* does not specify the exact profession;
* prepared based on your reliable birth data. Your personal identifiable data are gathered, used and protected according to Privacy Policy