About me

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I am Skirmantė Juknė, certified BG5® career and business consultant and founder of Codes Of You consulting agency. I am in the service of reminding people who they really are and I have the goal to continue the mission of BG5 Business Institute – to help reveal our unique talents, innate qualities and creativity, so that we know how we can best realize ourselves. I have been using the BG5® tool daily in my consulting activities since 2018.


I worked in the business sector for 17 years. I did very well there, quickly rose to high positions, had a lot of responsibilities being a team member, team manager, project manager, organizational change manager and in other roles. I learned a lot and it was fun but there was a feeling of something missing, a sense that I have more potential, but I had no idea what it could be and how to find it. I learned a lot, it was fun and interesting, but in the long run enthusiasm began to fade, “burnouts” became my permanent state, so the feeling that something in my world should be organized differently, I just had no idea how it could be and how to find it. It took about five years, during which I tried a number of different systems, trying to understand who I was and what I needed to look for in my life to feel fulfilled, happy and healthy.

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When, in 2017 I came across BG5® (Human Design for Business), I got all the answers I needed about who I am, what my energy is for and in what direction I can use it to fulfill my potential to the fullest. I was blown away by the tool’s complexity, accuracy, and especially practicality therefore, I began to dive into this system with enthusiasm. I didn’t consider any payback, I didn’t pay attention to the fears or doubts of those around me, I just saw the great meaning and enjoyed what I did (and do). I got all the answers to my questions – how and where to realize myself – and I believe that my contribution to the world as a BG5® consultant is very valuable. I know I can help you remember yourself, discover your Success Codes – your uniqueness, your strengths, your pitfalls, your life/work theme, I can help teams get to know each other better, see what is “my work” and what isn’t, help managers show the natural potentials of both existing team members and those hired and thus create a healthier work environment.


My Activity Type is Counselor, so I have a natural ability to see the bigger picture, to recognize other people’s gifts and talents, to feel the value and authentic beauty of each person. The essential theme of my entire Life and Work is Direction, i.e. to find my own individual direction and to help others see their own direction, which I realize to a great extent with the help of this tool. My natural “suit” is that of an expert, an authority in my field of competence, so I delve into this system in great detail and responsibility. I have a wonderful natural quality of provoking authenticity in myself and others, so I’m sure you’ll find my insights useful.


With peace, joy and enthusiasm for life,

Skirmantė Juknė

BG5® Institute Certificates

Accreditation is not just a status, it is a commitment to excellence. It is knowledge and professionalism, where human nature is assimilated into a whole picture, combining many aspects of person’s or team dynamic nature. As a qualified consultant for this tool, I can ensure quality because I have been trained through a structured training program and am constantly deepening my knowledge, understanding and mastery of assimilation.

I am certified by the BG® Business Institute, an IACET Accredited Provider:

Career and Business professional

Career and Business Cycles professional

Profit Potential Coach

The license gives you the guarantee that I have acquired the knowledge systematically, from the original source, and not from scattered pieces of information collected from the Internet, which are often someone’s personal interpretation, often distorted. I always recommend choosing only a certified GB5® or Human Design analyst consultant.