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The TEAM DNA program is a different, revolutionary ‘Teambuilding’ for teams that are open to the undisguised, unmasked nakedness of their nature and seek to organize activities according to the rules of the new coming era.

The world is changing! and it is probably already obvious to everyone. We are living in an era of great changes, and the way we were used to working, cooperating, communicating in teams, with suppliers or customers, the way job interviews, selection processes, introduction of new employees or teambuilding events took place, is already starting to no longer work.
In business, the word CONTROL changes to ORGANIZATION, i.e. the business model “I have the power and I’m in control here” is changing to “Here we’re co-creating and you’re important.”

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The further we go, the more we will find that in an environment where we still try to maintain hierarchical control, where we are told “Here are my rules and you must obey them”, this control model we used to have is losing its power. Hierarchy, strict structure, positions, decision control, framing in job description and working hours, create tension, disempower employees, introduce infighting, even fraud. In this control mechanism that we are used to operating in, you can recognize a sense of constant fight and survival within the system. The industrial age, where economies and businesses developed rapidly, thanks to automated and standardized operations and stable planning, is coming to an end.

Both the world and business are moving from the CONTROL model towards ORGANIZATION, where employees are no longer motivated by artificial acquisition of skills (when it does not matter whether the employee is naturally gifted for it), standardized work according to job instructions, work for a paycheck, automatic completion of tasks. In the old Control Model, it was not so important whether you like the work, whether there is satisfaction, whether the direction and values of the company are acceptable. There was a simple exchange: you do work – you get money. These employer-employee exchanges, the employer’s promises of stability and security, and at the same time the threats of being fired by the authorities, are already losing their influence, as we move into the era of Individuality. In the newly coming model of ORGANIZATION, people start asking questions about who I am, people start looking for answers, WHY I get up in the morning and go to work, can I use my natural talents in that work, am I valued for it, do I feel seen and empowered, do my natural strengths are needed in the organization, am I happy with the common goal, do I feel fulfilled, do I generally see the meaning of creating company’s story. In this new model of ORGANIZATION, employees no longer care so much about artificial motivational systems, job titles or working for money. It becomes much more important to them What and Why I do, and What is my place/role in the entire organization, what is the company’s goal and How do I contribute to its implementation. Instead of artificial encouragement, the focus here shifts to respect for everyone’s natural abilities, personal contribution in co-creation.
When you know and use your and your colleagues’ individual strengths, notice and understand their pitfalls, it fundamentally changes the whole ‘game’.

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Do you have answers to the following questions:

1. What natural strengths and potential does each member of your team have (not from a test or questionnaire, but innate)?
2. How does the uniqueness of team members help/hinder communication or tasks’ accomplishment?
3. What motivates each team member?
4. How do you select a new employee? How do you decide what roles a new member will best contribute to the team?
5. How do you organize the employees’ individual natural contribution to the jointly created goal/value/meaning?
6. Does the team have trust and respect for the differences of colleagues (or is it only theoretical respect)? Is it convenient for everyone to freely express thoughts, ideas and act with responsibility? Or maybe the responsibility hides under the fear of being punished, ridiculed?

Google has made extensive research that confirms that the answers to these questions are of fundamental importance. According to this research, there are 3 things that define a successful team:
• Mutual trust
• Respect
• The comfort of being yourself

A successful team is not about artificial competence and knowledge. It is the ability to work together, to trust a colleague, to understand and respect the other’s strengths and at the same time to remain oneself. When you understand the unique abilities of each employee, you can use them for the benefit of the team, because people in their best roles make all the difference.

WHAT is Team DNA?

Team DNA is a program is based on BG5® analysis and shows:
• How the team functions naturally, what motivates each team member, where everyone is the best by nature, what connects you as a team, how you make decisions in the team;
• Where is the strength of each member and the team as a whole, what to pay attention to, what are the possible traps, where do you fall into the traps of mistrust, miscommunication, disappointment;
• In what business roles can a team member contribute to the company’s results;
• Is there a mismatch between the job description and the employee’s individual nature and potential.


The Team DNA program consists of:

1. The BG5® tool introduction
2. Analysis of the identified company/team challenges
3. Team analysis
• Career Types – different types lead to different motivation and purpose
• Decision-making process – how you best make decisions
• Information integration – how to use your advantages in information processing
• Team/individual strengths and pitfalls – how this affects behavior with colleagues, clients, in negotiation situations, setting goals and their implementation
• Profile – a person’s “costume” that forms the basis of who we are
4. Participants’ reflection
5. Summary
6. Additional opportunity for the Manager: Business Roles – analysis of the roles/responsibilities of each team member in the company, project, working group; tension points and communication between roles.

The recommended number of participants is a team of 5 – 15 people.

Each team member will receive a personal potential chart/memo.

Program duration: from 4 hours. up to 6 hours.

To perform the analysis, the exact data of a person’s birth are required – date, time, city. Data is collected and stored in accordance with GDPR requirements: privacy policy

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For management/employee teams that:

• Want a different team building event;
• Aims for efficiency in keeping team members motivated;
• Are open to understanding and accepting the natural uniqueness of a person;
• Want to know one’s innate energy potential and direct it to the best use in the company;
• Aims to align to a common goal, instead of fighting each other for influence;
• Feels that one is wasting time and resources and strives for a more comfortable microclimate.

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BENEFIT – what to expect?

The TEAM DNA program will help you get to know each employee, see everyone’s place, consciously organize business roles according to the uniqueness and individuality of each one, recognize places of tension between different roles and how to properly direct them, instead of fighting for the demonstration of power or survival. You will see where you are ‘punishing’ your team member/colleague instead of using their strength to achieve a common goal. You will understand the “currency” of your team, where are its strengths and where are its pitfalls, because lost time and energy = lost money. You will learn how the emotional background is formed in the team, who is responsible for it.
Participants will have the opportunity to analyze and get to know their individuality/difference as well as that of other team members. During the reflections, we will look for answers about how it feels to try to fit in and please instead of creating from the comfort of being yourself.
You will have the opportunity to build a team that has the 3 essential DNA elements of an Effective Team – Trust, Respect and Comfort to be yourself. “Everyone is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” – Albert Einstein.



The price of the program depends on the need, selected program content, number of participants and is agreed individually.

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Skirmantė Juknė

Certified BG5® consultant, founder of Codes Of You, author of Team DNA, with 17 years of experience working in companies and 5 years of BG5® consulting experience.

+370 688 02749


Gražvydas Jukna

Negotiation strategist and practitioner, business mentor, coach, VU Business School Partnership Associate Professor, with >20 years of management experience.

+370 698 45070

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